Tuesday thoughts - The "things are changing and getting clearer" edition

 I think my leadership at my job finally understand that if I have work, even "busy work" or work that doesn't directly get money in the door right off, I'm happier because I can see my work matters and I can see accomplishment.

My boss came up with an idea to help all the new Account Executives (read: sales people) learn enough about our product to give them "tech cred". My manager had a more elegant phrase, but it eludes me. I dove right into this with gusto. Taking my knowledge of how to create basic scans and logic flows (playbooks in my software's parlance) and turn them into clickable demos for AEs to deliver in <5 minutes. Winner winner, as this takes work off the SEs plates and frees us up for helping with bigger issues and feature requests.

After spending most of 28 hours trying to figure out why Adobe Captivate would not record all my steps, I realized that it must be using some really old codebase. Changed one of my monitors to my "main" monitor in Windows, recorded there. Worked as expected.

I have a wonderful teammate that is taking my raw files and cleaning up/style guiding my videos so that we can use them for training sales people, using them as "demos" for AEs to quickly show basics to customers, and even videos we can put on our support site.

I want to do more with this and expand it to more detailed solutions for support/professional services people to use/give out. 

I'm happy that since we are at the point in the sales quarter that demo work is going to be limited, I can at least do some work that will have an effect. That's all I want with my work.

Diabetes is messed up from the trip to St. George to see David's band finish their season. I'm trying to come down without having to go to the gym right now.

Recap: I'm doing actual work, David did extremely well with his marching band, Tammy, Charlotte, and I got a road trip for a 4 day weekend.

I feel happy for the first time in months. 


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