Saturday, August 24, 2019

The aftermath of the test

As I said in my last blog, this week has been a zoo. Since I did get some other med changes, I have noticed a better performance in my glucose levels (Win #1).

The conference call for this week did not really give any new direction in my particular case, but I did get the feeling that there might be hope for me to not have to worry. I just wish that they would have manager input into who gets extended offers.

I've decided that I'm going to do my weekly diabetes management and some development on extending Tidepool ( on Mixer. I need to have something that I can use to keep myself honest and don't let my treatment get too long in the tooth before I make changes.

Working this weekend, so I'll be playing around with Elasticsearch, Kibana, and some other solutions.

And finally, failed my retest on the Linux+/LPIC 1 test. Got a 490/800..... need 500 to pass. Best score I've gotten, though.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

My streaming life

This week has been a roller coaster of a week for me. Let's see....

  • Work drama
  • One of my teammates started her new job
  • Conference call that basically states half of us won't get job offers from the new owner
  • School shopping for my kids
  • My wife is about 2 months from her layoff, but isn't being told when it will happen
  • Bariatric doctor wants me on a new injectable that comes from a family of drugs that hasn't worked for me in the past. Nothing even mentioned about surgery.
  • Drove almost 100 miles to see where many companies offices were in Utah County
All I know is that I'm so burned out that I haven't been keeping up on my glucose well at all. My walking during my lunch break has been replaced with LinkedIn searches and studying for my Linux+ exam (part 1 is Friday).

I'm sorry to the people that I don't talk to: my cousins, aunts, and uncles that live within 20 miles of me, my content creator friends and role models (Strwb, Phlog, Luna, Tink, RocketBear, Rooster, TyLu, and a whole bunch more I can't think of right now -- all of these people are on Mixer, BTW)

I have been making sure I keep my family informed on what's going on, and I'm working on more communication with my wife, Tammy, my coworkers, and my customers.

Over the next two weeks, I am working on training my coworkers and getting training for a new product myself. I think the best way for me to learn is to teach. I would like to stream some IT stuff on Mixer, and I know it will not be a great draw. I need to do this.

Tuesday night... I'm going to study for my Linux+/LPIC-1 exam with all of Mixer. No fancy bumpers, no fancy graphics.... just me, a bunch of servers, and some books. I have a feeling that if I do this right, I can get others to get interested in security and programming. Let's see if I have the strength on Tuesday night.