Wednesday, July 17, 2019

WIP Wednesday - July 17th

For those that don't know, #wipwednesday has become a thing in the online art and tabletop gaming community. I'm going to include some pics of my Warhammer models in progress, but I wanted to take more time for myself.

First, I like to keep track of a lot of medical data and notes/emotions to track and try to predict when things might affect my diabetes or my depression. I love the Tidepool app, and I would like to set up a Tidepool server in my living room so I can add inputs from Google Fit, MiFit, and Omron to get my exercise and heart rate data in one area. I hope I can get some help from my developer friends to start me out right.

Second, I'm going to be the lead supporting some new products involving collecting and normalizing data across multiple products. I love making things talk to one another, so this is right up my alley. I need to get my training and learning set up so I don't mess up.

Third, I think it's time for me to back out of Scouts for a while. David will be starting school and marching band, and that will take time away from him. All I know is that starting the week off with a 16-17 hour day makes me hurt by Wednesday.

And finally, I'm going to pivot my 3D printing into making things for dioramas and tabletop games. I would still like to be able to fire up a Mixer stream every once in a while, and I would love some help from my streaming friends to rebuild my channel, but I don't want to make it my job. I want to make sure that I use this to document my creative process for others to build on, and to review myself.

That's it for this week. I'll be working on building some Orks for a Warhammer 40K Kill Team and get some cheap body/GoPro clones to record Battle Reports.  If anyone would be willing to help me with art for my videos/streams (paid or unpaid, I'm willing to talk to anyone), let me know.