Monday, April 18, 2016

Time to Think = Number 1

After a 6 hour nap today, I'm awake for a while. In between writing sentences, I'm cleaning up my desk and colored drawers so I can simplify things. Whenever I clean up my desk, it is a reset of my mind.

I heard something on an episode of Legends with JBL on WWE Network featuring Brian James, known professionally as WWE's Road Dogg (link to the episode here). He made several statements about how his mind works, how creative people tend to self-destruct, and how he "thinks 100 miles per hour, but the rest of the world goes 50". That last line has stuck with me for the last week.

I am one of those people that either cannot or do not have the ability to shut down their thought process. Right now, I am setting up multiple collections in Google+, re-watching this episode for a fresh perspective about what I'm saying, and cleaning up my desk. At 12:30am.

I need to learn how to be dumb. I need to learn how to think like people that I help in my store; people who don't know how to think like I do. I think I would stop using food as a drug and get better quality output instead of being the guy who can't not know everything.

Thank you, for saying something that made me realize there is still more work to do on myself, Brian James. Thank you.

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