Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Passions - Virtual Reality

I have a few things in life that I have a real passion about. I've decided to start a new series involving an overall look at each one of my passions, and one thing that I have to be passionate about. DISCLAIMER: I do work for a wireless carrier that does sell these products. These posts are my own opinions and thoughts, just like I'm encouraged to give my customers.

First of all, today's post is about the burgeoning world of virtual reality. I have been a big fan of the components that make up VR: 3D interactivity, 360 degree photos and videos, and new ways to supplement tactile interaction. For most consumers, 360 degree photo and video is the WOW factor. There is a new world in 3D interactivity with several apps taking worlds immersive experiences to a new level. The section is still in infancy, with companies like Samsung, Facebook, HTC, and LG trying to figure out what will stick.

I decided to take the plunge by getting the Samsung Gear VR. This headset is powered by the same engine and software that runs the Oculus Rift, but is housed and driven by the Samsung phone that might be in your pocket right now. The commercial headset is available for $99 retail as of April 2016, and requires a Samsung Note 5, or a S6 series (S6, Edge, Edge+) or S7/S7 Edge. The S7 series is preferred due to the upgraded processor and RAM, and does not seem to overheat as fast as the Note or S6 devices.

The other options that are getting huge press in tech circles are the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Both of these devices are over $700 US and require a pretty powerful PC to work. They have way more features and abilities than the Gear VR, but for what most people would consider a mind-blowing experience, the Gear VR is the easy way to get into this.

My plans are to review the different applications and hardware needed for this to work. I'll mention what devices particular services work on, but I do not foresee myself getting a Vive or Rift anytime soon.

Upcoming topics will include:
  • How to make and share 360 pictures
  • How to take 360 video
  • Virtual 3D experiences
  • Games
  • How to do normal tasks in VR environments (like e-mail and web)

Don't forget to let me know what you want! I'm pretty much krisguy anywhere. I'm also on Line, BBM, and Skype. Please let me know.
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