Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hiding in plain sight - update

I've had quite a bit going on in my life since I graduated college. Work issues, family problems, and health issues have finally gotten to take the front since school is over. While I don't have a problem with dealing with stuff like this, it's been overwhelming on Tammy more than me.

I took a break from actively doing more than a few posts on social media to try to focus, but I realize that I can't focus on projects without getting myself talking to people more. I finally realized that I am more social than I want to be, but I'm married to such and introverted personality that I have to curb my social activity to keep her from going into uncomfortable situations.

I'm excited to go visit my father's side of the family in June. My mother's family has a history of being all out for themselves and destroying family, because it's family. No one on my father's side of the family has ever done anything that would constitute criminal activity or psychological harm. I'm now feeling the other side of isolation, how to interact with these people.

They are so close, so loving, and so unafraid to do stuff together; I'm not sure how to react. It seems like everyone wants to do something every day while myself/wife/kids will be in Utah, but we do want to have a few days to ourselves, so we can balance our energy. I hope people won't be mad if Tammy and I skip a few outings.

I also have another choice to make: focus on the 3D printing or focus on Win10 Universal development. I've wanted to do both, and both will take a lot of work to learn. Does anyone have any other suggestions for learning MS stuff other than MVA?

Well, off to the first of many appointments for today.