Thursday, October 23, 2014

#wearenotwaiting, except we are. How do we get there quicker?


This is the hashtag that is making waves around the diabetes community on the web. (Follow #dsma for a pulse of the diabetes community at-large)

This is a cry, a cry from a vocal, intelligent, and passionate group of people that want to be able to take the data that is created from this disease, and massage it into useable information. Open data movements have been exceedingly growing since "cloud technology" started to become a phrase in our lexicon.

This cry comes from the disparate amount of information that we create, especially those of us with diabetes. I make a ton of data points daily. The information that my Fitbit tracks is amazing from someone who saw quick data gathering as only something that could be done with tricorders on the Enterprise. I take multiple blood sugars a day, plus my food intake has pages upon pages of data that could be cross-referenced.

When I do decide to gather my data together, I tend to not do it because it takes a lot of time to get my data from my insulin pump and meter, then trying to massage that data into a weekly chart I want to use to show weight. glucose, insulin usage, and notes about mental health. I'm smart enough to do this, but it is extremely time consuming.

I'm asking the companies involved with the care of all diabetics to talk to us and try to come up with better solutions. If the U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants to protect us, they need to be part of the solutions as well.

What would you want to see has a great way to montior your health? Just using something hosted by Apple, Samsung, or Google? Using something with more healthcare clout, like Microsoft's HealthVault solution? Is there someone who thinks they could come up with a more nimble solution? Let's talk about it.

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