Sunday, April 20, 2014

Development is best with the carrot, not the stick

I'm a member of the Microsoft Expertzone site, which is for people that sell MS hardware and services (I work for AT&T, my thoughts not theirs, etc.). The other day, I found a little contest there that uses Windows App Studio (or Visual Studio) to create a new app! There's a great prize for the winner, but they appear to be giving everyone who enters a $15 Microsoft Windows Store card (for use in Win/WP/XBox app stores).

This is the way that Microsoft will have to use to win. People can program their own apps pretty easily with studios and with online IDEs, as long the company pushes it and embraces it.

My app ideas for this summer:
An app for my gaming clan : OMG Network
A better app for using HealthVault information for diabetes tracking

I hope I can get to work on these this summer!