Friday, November 7, 2014

Diabetes Friday - National Diabetes Month

November 1st begins a month long awareness campaign about diabetes. This awareness campaign occurs every year. People wear more blue and talk about diabetes: the ways to prevent it, treatments, the pain, and the shame of having it. I'm very proud of the diabetes online community (#doc on social media) and how we portray ourselves; we are just as wild and varied as the disease makes us.

Which brings me to the topic: the month itself. I find it ironic that the month where diabetes takes a spotlight is the same month that has America's biggest food-related celebration. As if we didn't have enough to take in every day...

What am I doing special for Diabetes Awareness Month? This blog post. I don't think that I need to do anything special in November other than what I normally do every day, try to manage the problems my body causes me, talk about it, and educate people on what the problems are.

I know this is going to be upsetting to some in the #doc, but I don't have enough energy to cover the things that I do right now. Don't like it? Let's talk about it. is where you can find out all the different ways to reach me. Please do so. I'm lonely lately.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Endocrinologist visits, or "Am I going to get hellfire or nurture?"

I've been on insulin pumping for just over 3 months now. I love it. I know I'm getting a constant base of care, I can easily get better management of my blood glucose when all things are equal.

But things are not equal right now.

My school work is the hardest it has ever been, with two very intensive writing classes (read: lots of papers) and a finance class where you have to memorize all the formulas. At work, the focus has changed with new management and cyclical sales. At home, my wife cannot keep up with her job and work with the Scout groups my sons are involved with. The house can never get clean, I can never get any time to be me; no gaming, no writing code, no playing with soldering hardware.

Courtesy user itstom (Felipe C. Mateus) via
I feel like I'm drowning, because I've gone back to stress eating.

When I get really stressed out, I don't care about how much I eat, I eat. This normally happens when I am up late at night, by myself. That's been happening a lot the last month because my wife is going to bed earlier.

The big thing is that I have both a endocrinologist appointment and a regular doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I hope that my endo understands that I need to fix the mental problem before I make any changes in my therapy. When I can keep myself from getting in a depression cycle, my current therapy works. When I get mentally knocked off, waking up with 445mg/dL glucose happens. (BTW, it also didn't help that my infusion site ripped out during the night).

What do my #dsma family do when they know that the mental problem is the overall problem? Does their team just give it a *pffft*? Let's talk about it.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Writing my Xmas gift list - Techccessories

I decided that I need to get a list of goodies together that the family can use to buy me stuff. Since I buy my own tech toys, I thought a list of accessories and stuff that I wouldn't normally buy would be a good beginning.

Kris' Xmas wish list

My family is not going to spend a lot for each other this Xmas, so I am putting up a few inexpensive options.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

#wearenotwaiting, except we are. How do we get there quicker?


This is the hashtag that is making waves around the diabetes community on the web. (Follow #dsma for a pulse of the diabetes community at-large)

This is a cry, a cry from a vocal, intelligent, and passionate group of people that want to be able to take the data that is created from this disease, and massage it into useable information. Open data movements have been exceedingly growing since "cloud technology" started to become a phrase in our lexicon.

This cry comes from the disparate amount of information that we create, especially those of us with diabetes. I make a ton of data points daily. The information that my Fitbit tracks is amazing from someone who saw quick data gathering as only something that could be done with tricorders on the Enterprise. I take multiple blood sugars a day, plus my food intake has pages upon pages of data that could be cross-referenced.

When I do decide to gather my data together, I tend to not do it because it takes a lot of time to get my data from my insulin pump and meter, then trying to massage that data into a weekly chart I want to use to show weight. glucose, insulin usage, and notes about mental health. I'm smart enough to do this, but it is extremely time consuming.

I'm asking the companies involved with the care of all diabetics to talk to us and try to come up with better solutions. If the U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants to protect us, they need to be part of the solutions as well.

What would you want to see has a great way to montior your health? Just using something hosted by Apple, Samsung, or Google? Using something with more healthcare clout, like Microsoft's HealthVault solution? Is there someone who thinks they could come up with a more nimble solution? Let's talk about it.

New plan for this blog - content

When one person decides to change the course of actions in their life, it is best to get it down. That's what this post is about.

I'm planning on turning this blog into something that has a lot more regularity. Starting Friday, October 23, 2014, my new blog schedule kicks in.

  • Mondays will have a post about something that I'm interested in: technology, movies, music, art, photography, and more. If any of these things get popular, I will start a weekly post on the more narrow subjects.
  • Wednesday nights will have a focus of a more serious tone. It could be a current event, a technical issue or problem, social science discussions, or news of the day.
  • Friday/Saturday will be a post about something that is very personal to me: diabetes. The early weekend post will be about my personal thoughts about dealing with this disease.
I will supplement with video blogs as I get better at using my camera and learning video production.

If there is a way that I can separate these posts other than using labels on Blogger, I will try.

If you like or don't like what I am doing, please reply here or on Google+. Let me know what I can do to make it better or let me know what is good!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Summer has begun

I'm finally done with school. My last final was last night.

So now, I have some time to do some hobbies (and exercising can get some more time too).

My "summer bucket list"

  • Learn to write some code (hopefully C#/.net for Windows Phone apps)
  • More code for Pebble and Android
  • Get and build a 3D printer
  • Take more pictures with my Nikon D3200
  • Write more
  • Record more videos
Most of these I can do with my sons as well!

Time to get cracking, but I have to clean the bathrooms first.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Development is best with the carrot, not the stick

I'm a member of the Microsoft Expertzone site, which is for people that sell MS hardware and services (I work for AT&T, my thoughts not theirs, etc.). The other day, I found a little contest there that uses Windows App Studio (or Visual Studio) to create a new app! There's a great prize for the winner, but they appear to be giving everyone who enters a $15 Microsoft Windows Store card (for use in Win/WP/XBox app stores).

This is the way that Microsoft will have to use to win. People can program their own apps pretty easily with studios and with online IDEs, as long the company pushes it and embraces it.

My app ideas for this summer:
An app for my gaming clan : OMG Network
A better app for using HealthVault information for diabetes tracking

I hope I can get to work on these this summer!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Stress and how I plan to lower it

Life is really taking a toll on my personal development and my muses. Work, school, diabetes, working out, trying to lose weight, all very stressful. When I want to loosen up, I try to do a few things: play video games, watch movies, listen to music, write, or code. This last two years, I've spent more time on the games and movies than the others.

The last semester of school, however, couldn't even let me do that. I've been so stressed out, and with the addition of insulin, I've gained more weight and have not had the energy nor the luck of getting my blood sugars down.

I think it is time to make myself happier this year. The only way I can think of doing this is be becoming a little tighter in my scheduling.

My time goals:

  • 20-30 minutes of exercise every day
  • 1 hour of music and cleaning
  • 1-2 hours of studying/schoolwork every day
If I can accomplish this, then I should have more time to learn new coding skills.

For those that care, I want to design some watch apps for Pebble, that combine some Microsoft HealthVault data with alarms for diabetes care.