Friday, December 16, 2011

Change the methodology, please

Disclosure: AT&T pays me a salary, but these thoughts are all mine. If anyone has a problem, it's my nick at my nick dot com. I also am writing this quickly, I will expand this on my Google+ post.

I decided to do a blog post today because a tweet is not enough to get it out.

When I decided to get into the workforce, it wasn't by my choice. My mother told me I needed to get a job because, well, I don't know why for sure. I would only assume that my mother wanted me to learn that the real world doesn't care about attempts, only results.

I'm reminded of that again when I read articles about the annual Consumer Reports wireless carrier survey results. AT&T gets rated last again, year after year, by the most non-scientific survey ever.

True surveys, by statistical and scientific standards, try to take a sample as broad, random, and unbiased as possible. This is to prevent skewed result towards one answer or another, and is accepted by most disciplines as the proper way to conduct surveys.

I'm not upset with the position that one company has over another, I'm upset with the methodology that Consumer Reports uses in order to conduct its surveys. The biggest issue I have is the fact that they only allow subscribers to take part in the survey. I can believe that Consumer Reports is using the ability to take the survey as a carrot for purchasing the magazine, but this mindset allows for people to use this platform to "hang" companies they don't like.

I have people that I know on a personal level that can't wait until the summertime to get their Consumer Reports survey for wireless carriers. I know two people that subscribe to the magazine just to bash another carrier I am not involved with. I cannot condone this behavior by Consumer Reports anymore.

I am asking Consumer Reports to consider going to a random sample for the surveys that they conduct, not just wireless, but all of them. I like their methodology for their product testing, and I am willing to consider their actual product reviews when I am shopping. I wish that Consumer Reports would take a more scientific approach when it comes to surveys in order to decrease the appearance of impropriety that always gets called out every year by everyone involved except for the winner.

Monday, November 14, 2011

International Diabetes Day

Today is International Diabetes Day. My ask for today is that people learn that diabetes is emotion.

The emotions of the people that have failed pancreases. The emotions of people that eat right, exercise, and do healthy things, but can't lose weight. The emotions of a mother or father that have to give injections to help their child survive. The emotions of the doctor that sees more people getting sick and tired of fighting.

My wish is for people that do not have daily contact with diabetes to learn to not pity, condecend, or ridicule us. Learn with us, help us out. Be our friends.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tuesday thoughts

I'm writing this from the place where most writers work today: the coffee shop.

My final test for my Diversity in Society class is tomorrow, then I get a week off, then I start the next quarter. School never rests.

For everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really do like hearing that people care enough to even take the time to do something little like that.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First quarter of school is done, and I'm tired.

I finished my first quarter of school, and boy are my arms tired. Literally. I've been working so hard, my diabetes has almost been kept under control, but I had a bad day on my last day of school. This has been the most rewarding, yet most stressful three months I've ever had. Passed with good grades and praise from my family, but my work suffered because I had more worry about school than sales, plus I dropped out of a program at work because of my workload, and that burned some bridges, as far as I can see.

It's really hard to say what going back to school will do for me in my life, but I feel like a better person for going back. Isn't that what counts?