Monday, April 25, 2016

Time to think #2 - Spring Cleaning

I usually like April. I tend to use the new days of sunshine to get enough energy to clean up the clutter that winter always brings in my life. Most of the time, that means cleaning out closets and trying to get my wife to throw stuff away. This year, she finally sided with me and we have cleaned out a lot of things that we never used since we moved in together (almost 20 years!).

I'm starting to do the same thing with my digital life, but in reverse. Since I have finally graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, I feel like I can devote more time to projects, but I don't have a firm plan. So here's what I'm looking at doing with my schedule:

Sunday Evening: Family time, then gaming or 3D printing, 1 hour blogging
Monday Evening: Spend 1 hour working on coding for Windows 10, then joining the ExpertZone Community livestream for Star Wars Battlefront (Here is the Twitch channel)
Tuesday Evening: 3D printing and design, and watching Night Attack <>
Wednesday: Streaming LEGO Dimensions on Twitch and working on household projects, 1 hour blogging
Thursday: 1 hour of coding (I usually close on Thursday)
Friday: I am planning on doing a late-night Twitch stream involving 3D printing, and video projects
Saturday: Family and random

This schedule will give me an idea of what kinds of stuff to invest my time and balance my passions and my life.

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