Thursday, July 25, 2013

Morning thoughts for 25 July 2013

I haven't done one of these for a while. Random thoughts and linkbait for your morning.

Woke up with a 341 mg/dL blood glucose reading. Realized that I ate 4 times the amount of strawberries and grapes I should have. I can live with this.

Watched Loren Feldman's (G+ profile) #some film again last night. It's trippy, disjointed, and full of crap. Just like the real Internet. If you have not seen this film, go to, watch, then buy the HD version with extras. It's important that (well crafted) satire gets some money.

I got on with Rdio's (website - @rdio) free three months promo. Good service, not great. Fantastic that they support Windows Phone with a native client, but the streaming has been a little sketchy. I'm e-mailing them today about it.

Not really excited about Chromecast until they said they are going to add it to current gen Google TV devices (via Android Police). Now it is time to get the Visio Co-Star to replace my Logitech Revue.

Alright, time to get cleaned up for work. Getting ready to sell the Lumia 1020 tomorrow. I am really enjoying this phone. Here's a few pics, since that all anyone cares about.

Until I get enough energy,


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